If it’s an alarm system for your home you are looking for, E Watch can design a system to suit your exact needs. All of our intruder alarm systems can take both wired and wireless equipment.

The alarm systems supplied by us can cover all the requirements for domestic, commercial and retail applications.

  • Protecting you and your family whilst in your home or away from your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Using only quality EN50131 compliant equipment and PSA licensed engineers, your alarm system will be installed to the highest standard.
  • You can be alerted on your mobile phone if an intrusion has been detected.

Wired Alarms

Pre-wired homes are newly built homes or those built in the last 10 years. These homes will have had alarm cables installed during their construction and the cable should be clearly visible on all windows, patios and doors.

Wire-Free Alarms

Some benefits of a wire-free system include:

  • Flexible systems to meet unusual system requirements
  • Suitable for small, medium or large size premises
  • Voice-annunciation and visual display
  • Can cover up to 70 Zones (or individually identifiable alarm points)
  • Panic Buttons
  • Remote Keypads and button fobs available
  • Pet Friendly Motion Detectors
  • Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Heat Detectors available