Access control security includes a range of technical solutions to a single problem – the need to allow the free flow of authorised people whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors. By excluding trespassers and walk-in thieves access control security systems helps prevent the loss of stock and personal possessions, increasing the safety of employees and protecting sensitive information.

  • Pin code and /or card / fob readers
  • Indoor, outdoor and vandal resistant units
  • Biometric recognition
  • Automatic gate / barrier systems

Control who is entering your premises and when

  • Protect employees, assets and information
  • Secure an area or sector
  • Observe movement
  • Integrate with other security systems
  • Can be applied to gates, doors, turnstiles, car park barriers, disabled access, lifts and car blockers
  • Variety of door release systems available: security badges, magnetic strips or barcodes, proximity cards, and push buttons
  • Biometric finger template verification can be applied for added security
  • Unauthorised access attempts trigger email alerts or alarms
  • Track real-time visitor or employee movements using from your own PC