1. One off Rural and Urban Dwelling design
  2. Planning Consultancy Rural Planning
  3. Planning Consultancy Urban Planning
  4. Residential Schemes including small to large mixed housing schemes including
    (i)Preplanning and Feasibility studies
    (ii) Urban Design
    (iii) Preparation of Planning application and Submission
    (iv) Design team leader and PSDP
    (v) Supervision and certification services
  5. Domestic Renovation and Extensions
  6. Supervision and Mortgage services for lending agencies
  7. Commercial, Sport and Leisure and Government funded projects.
  8. Legal Services including
    (i) Land Registry Mapping-Certified Maps and Declaration of Identity.
    (ii)Structural Surveys
    (iii) Expert witnessing-Building contracts, Planning and Licensing.
    (iv) Opinions on Compliance with Planning and Building Regulations and Certificates of exemption.